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How to add the JU88a into your map
ok here we go.....

first extract the battle for britain map and drag it to a desktop'll be needing some files from there...

ok with your map extracted you need to copy the objectspawntemplate.con from the BOB map and paste it into the conquest folder of your extracted map.

now in the objectspawn.con in your extracted map you need to make it look like this

rem *** HeavyBomberSpawner ***
Object.create HeavyBomberSpawner

Object.absolutePosition 1716.82/39.1624/1754.04
Object.rotation 89.1/-0.00333369/-1.52588E-05
Object.setTeam 1

this is how it should look for the ju88a to show (the numbers will be different)

make sure that it says Object.setTeam 1 underneath or the plane wont show...why i dont know..

now you need to make a new folder named objects in your main folder of your extracted map and then go to the BOB extracted map and look for the objects folder and in there is the ju88a folder..copy and paste that in the objects folder you just made..

now you need to add this line to the bottom of the init.con file in the main folder of the extracted map

rem *** special object for this level. /TBM ***
run objects/objects

now you need to make a texture folder in the main folder of your extracted map and put these textures from the BOB extracted map in there

now you need to make a standardmesh folderin the main folder

now open the standardmesh folder in the BOB extracted map and theres 46 files you need to move to the standardmesh folder you just made in you extracted not gonna list them just look for anything starting with junker and copy and paste to the new standardmesh folder..

now in the init.con file in the main folder of your extracted map you need to add a line

it will look like this when your done

this is the first part of the init.con file (cut the rest off for space )

rem **** Initialize level specific rendering settings.
ShaderManager.setTextureParam envmap bf1942levels estTexturesENVMAP_G_.rcm
renderer.globalLodPercent 1
renderer.globalAmbientColor .1/.1/.1
renderer.ambientColor .12/.11/.12
renderer.diffuseColor .35/.3/.2
renderer.specularColor .3/.3/.3
renderer.vertexFogEnable 1
renderer.fogColorVec 0.68/0.62/0.55
renderer.animatedMeshAmbientColor 0.15
textureManager.alternativePath Texture/Russia
textureManager.alternativePath bf1942/Levels/"your map name"/Texture

now last the objects folder of the BOB map theres a objects.con in there and you need to copy and paste that into your objects folder...

well if i typed everything and didnt miss anything this should work for you...its the only way i've found to do it so far...goodluck...

Submitted by "psychoslaphead"

Copy this folder from the BOB map main folder into the main folder of your map - Menu/Texture/Vehicle/

Now the JU88 icon displays properly...

Also, the Object.setTeam 1 just tells the program that the JU88 is an Axis aligned object, if you set it to 2, it will be Allies