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this program is for compressing .rfa files back so you can use them..

Here i will explain how to use Gmakerfa for objects.rfa files
first get the Gmakerfa and install it,it will install to the c:/drive and look like this c:/custom_rfa

now go to c:/custom_rfa and open it..inside are these folders

texture folder
z_output folder
z_presets folder
and the gmakerfa program

now to do objects.rfa you have to make a new folder called objects (in the c:/custom_rfa main folder)

now take the objects.rfa from the mod your doing and extract it (using rfaextractor) and put the files in the new objects folder in c:/custom_rfa/objects folder

now open the z_presets folder,in there are makerfa sets,you need to make a objects makerfa set

what i did was take the texture makerfa set and copy it then paste it back and rename to objects

now with notepad open the new objects makerfa set you just will look like this

origin folder = C:\Custom_RFA\texture
destination rfa = C:\Custom_RFA\z_output\texture.rfa
base rfa folder = texture
progress = yes

now change it to look like this

origin folder = C:\Custom_RFA\objects
destination rfa = C:\Custom_RFA\z_output\objects.rfa
base rfa folder = objects
progress = yes

now that you have that done and the objects files are copied into the objects folder in c:/custom_rfa all we need to do is pack it up

now go to c:/custom_rfa and open it back theres the Gmakerfa program,(has picture of little blue buildings next to it) on it and the gmakerfa program will open

now click on file then load set (should go to z_presets) and choose objects then open

now all the objects should show in the gmakerfa window

now right click in the little boxes area and select all..

now click on file at the top again and choose create

now the gmakerfa program should be compressing everything back up

when its done look in the z_output folder and the compressed objects.rfa is in there..copy and paste it into the archives folder in your mod (delete the old objects.rfa)

now start the game,,choose your mod and the changes should be there..

just remember messing with .con,rfa and other files can make the game careful what you do and always have backup copies