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Changing the Menu

Editor42 ver 4 setup

Here i will explain how to change the menu..
I will be doing this in parts...First i will show you how to change the color of the menu screens then changing the words then adding a class.

You will need to have photoshop 7 or equivalent program.
OK ...first this has to be done as a mod.So create your mod

now you need to extract the menu.con from the battlefield archives folder and save it in a folder for later use

Now you need to extract the menu.con from your mod (in the c:/drive i made a folder named bf menu and extracted to there)

now go to where you extracted it to and open it and the first folder you will see is the menu that and you will a textures it and in there you will see these folders

ammo folder
debreifing folder
kits folder
menu folder
soldier folder
weapons folder
Briefing folder
ingame folder
minimap folder
vehicle folder

Now the folder we will be messing with is the Menu folder

now i used DC for my mod and in the menu folder there is only 1 file.(backgound tga) need to open the battlefield menu you extracted and in the menu folder you need to copy and paste these into your menu folder

now you need to make a singleplayer folder in the menu folder and put these .dds files in there
(you can just copy and paste these from the BF menu/singleplayer to your singleplayer folder

now after your all done copy and pasteing the .dds files you need to change the color of them

Changing the color with Photoshop 7
Now you want to add a different color to the menu screen...heres how

open photoshop and then direct it to where you extracted your menu.con to and then go to menu/textures/menu (where you put the files a minute ago) and then select all of them and open in photoshop...when it asks to show mip maps select NO

now you should see all the different menu boxes

now select the Rectangular tool and choose the color you will be choose a .dds to color and go to the bottom corner of the picture ,hold left click and make a square over the whole picture thats showing...

now it will color it as a solid color...right click on it and a window will blending options...there is 2 settings in there..blend mode and fill opacity..set them to how seethrough you want the color

Now adjust the underlying layer until its how you want it

when your done in the top left in photoshop select file/save save it as a .dds format and it will say its a select the origional name and copy it over it...then close the .dds you just did and it will ask to save again select move on to the next .dds file to paint...

when your all done you can check this by repacking using gmakerfa and replace the menu.rfa in you mod/archives folder...start the game ..activate your mod and see the newly colored menu screen
Changing the words..coming soon
Adding a Class..coming soon