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Adding DC 4j vehicles and statics

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owww yeaaa new DC 4j vehicles , weapons and static objects heres how to get them in your maps..
This tutorial goes out to chris ogle...your question is answered

now first extract the DC basras edge map and save it in a seperate folder for use in a minute

now in your map open the init.con in the main folder and look for this

run Init/SkyAndSun
run Init/Terrain

now add run objects to it and make it look like this

run Init/SkyAndSun
run Init/Terrain
run objects

now you need a standardmesh folder in your map if there isnt one already

now copy and paste the standardmesh files from the basras edge map into your standardmesh folder in your map

now in the textures folder in the basras edge map you need to copy and paste them into the textures folder in your map ( not copy and paste the files or the textures files or the ingame map or the env will change everything in your map)

now in the main folder of the basras edge map theres a new objects.con file..just copy and paste the whole thing in there..

i will update this list tommorrow but heres a start

sa-3 = guided missle launcher
f-14b =new fighter jet
mirage =not sure if this is new
Technical =pickup i think
lada = small car
pickup =pickup truck
Technical_Recoilless = pickup with machinegun i think

now when you add these all you have to do is open the objectspawntemplate.con and change the name of the item that is going to can even do it like this and it will work

rem *** machinegunspawner ***
objecttemplate.create objectspawner machinegunspawner
objecttemplate.setobjecttemplate 2 mirage
objecttemplate.setobjecttemplate 1 Stationary_browning
objecttemplate.minspawndelay 10
objecttemplate.maxspawndelay 10
objecttemplate.spawndelayatstart 0
objecttemplate.timetolive 45
objecttemplate.distance 40
objecttemplate.damagewhenlost 10

and a mirage will show were the machinegun was..just rename in template to get vehicle to show

The new F-14b fighter jet...
The Mirage....
This is one BADASS weapon....the SA-3
The pickup....Technical_Recoilless i think