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Would you like your own signature??
Below i will go through the steps of creating your own Signature and how to get it to work on the forums...I am using Photoshop 7 and adobe photodeluxe to do this.

First make a new background to work has to be 400 pixels by 150 pixels
You can either use photoshop or adobe photodeluxe for this..I use photodeluxe

the background can be any color also...

Now what i did was go online and put in WW2 then hit search..went through the WW2 pictures on the sites until i saw some i liked and do a right click and do a save as

now this is the picture i choose to use for this tutorial

I liked the actual war photos so thats why i chose it...

"attention" until i change this tutorial clone the picture on first then your wording..the wording will be brighter and clearer
Now add your text for whatever you want to say and your homepage if you have one...

adding the war photo to your signature.
Now i used photoshop 7 for your signature with the words on it then open the picture your going to use and in the tool bar select the clone tool

now set the opacity to about 40 (or the transparency you want) then put your pointer in the center of where you want to clone and left click once to set the clone go to your signature and paint the image on your signature the way you want it (hold down left click to paint)...
This was my first signature------>
to the right is the first signature i did to use in the forums...not the best but it was my first...

Now getting them to work in the forums
Now first you have to get a place to upload your pictures to so they work on the forums...and you can use it for anything that requires a picture to be uploaded to a web site to be seen...i use free or if you want a bigger site you can pay...

now after you have uploaded your signature to the site or whatever site you chose (jpeg format) it will give you a link address you need to copy and paste in your profile for each forum site

at all i did was go into my profile and paste the signature link in there and it worked perfect

at i had to do the reply to whomever i was trying to help then after i was done replying i pasted the signature link below my reply wording and it showed on the reply

at i pasted my signature link in the profile but all i got on the reply page was the lettering to the link...when i figure that out i will correct this part so it shows up...

Hope this helps to get your first signature going

Need a signature made??? me and i'll be glad to make you one...
you design it and i'll help you make it..