Converting maps to work in DC and other mods
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here i will explain how to do maps that will only go into the certain mod/levels folder

when converting a map you will need to

change the precache.con
change the objectspawntemplate.con
and the objectspawn.con (on some)

all mods will work with any map you make

the main files are the ones listed above

some require object folders and texture folders added to get some vehicles to appear..

basically leave all files that were there..if you are doing a map to work in Regular BF1942 and DC or another mod refer to site #1 for how to do that...sorry for any mixups...

heres how to do DC:
make your map in BC or any map editing program

now extract a DC map to the c:/drive then drag it to a folder you have made on your will need this for some files

now extract the map to the c:/drive

go to c:/bf1942/levels/yourmap and then delete the precache.con and paste the one from extracted DC map in there

now delete the objectspawntemplate.con (conquest folder) in your map and paste the one from the extracted DC map in there

now in the objectspawn.con you need to use these lines for the vehicles

Object.create bomber
object.create helispawner
Object.create ustankspawner
rem Object.create fighter
rem Object.create uraltankerspawner
object.create uh-60spawner
Object.create buggys

I just copy these lines and paste over the existing line

if it was like this and i wanted a heli this is how it would look

Object.create lighttankspawner
Object.absolutePosition 668.40/69.76/1435.34
Object.rotation -150.19/-0.26/0.00
Object.setOSId 1
Object.setTeam 1

now changed it would look like this

object.create helispawner
Object.absolutePosition 668.40/69.76/1435.34
Object.rotation -150.19/-0.26/0.00
Object.setOSId 1
Object.setTeam 1

now after your all done changing the names save it (click on red X)

now pack it up and hope it doesnt crash...put it in the mods/Desertcombat/archives/bf1942/levels folder ..activate then select map and play...
now because of the new 1.45 patch
in the menu/init.con file in your extracted map you have to have this line

game.setmapid "desertcombat"

or the map will crash...