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Editor42 ver 4 setup

this is how i use Battlecraft to make my maps and change after using map editor 1.2 and notepad:
OK...first if your redoing (editing) a map from BF or any other that has bots,first extract (using RFAextractor) the map and change the 6 names...usually i start out with naming it "aaa".that way its always at the top of the list in the map listings

Now if i'm doing a complete new look to the map i open notepad and go to where i have my map extracted to c:/bf1942/levels/map name

now with notepad open the staticobjects.con file in the main folder of your extracted map and delete everything in the staticobjects.con,click on the red X and when it asks to save

Then repack the map using Makerfa (not gmakerfa )

now go to where your map was packed to (in the folder you installed makerfa into)and copy and paste the new map into the bf1942/levels folder ( mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels folder

now open Battlecraft and select the name of your map

when your map opens do anything you want to the map keeping in mind that its going to be for a different mod..i'll use DC as an example

now do all the texturing ...IMPORTANT...If you do textures with BC,SAVE after finishing with the textures before you do anything else( add a building or anything)or it will loose the texture and its a hassle getting it back...REMEMBER SAVE AFTER DOING ANY TEXTURING

now finish adding trees and anything you want in your map

Now when your TOTALLY done with BC heres how to finish it with Mapeditor 1.2 and editor42 and notepad

extract your map back to the c:/ drive (c:/bf1942)

now i start by converting the objectspawntemplate.con and the objectspawn.con in the conquest folder (refer to my page on DC conversion)now after converting the vehicles and anything i had to do with the conversion i pack it up and test my map..testing often even though this a pain (thats why i name it aaa also ) it will let you know sooner when you messed up..

ok now ive repacked it and tested it and the vehicles show the little things i saw in the map that needed work on (in map editor 1.2) and i usually end up repacking a map from 20 to 100 times depending on a problem or look im going for..

you can also add anything you missed in Battlecraft, just takes a minute more to do and some things are easier to set exactly where you want in map editor 1.2
now with editor42 thats where i set my out of bounds and material map..

now if its a coop you edited dont forget to copy and paste the

copy from the conquest folder into the singleplayer folder...if you dont do this the origional vehicles will show up in your coop game...

when it is extracted is the time to do the
objective story

and anything you need to do with notepad

well thats basically it...